Gender-based violence (GBV) is violence which normally occurs between men and women in relationships, in the home compounds, at the workplace and in the communities we live. It takes the form of physical, emotional, sexual, economic or spiritual abuse such as rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment and many others of that nature. It results from cultural norms, social and economic inequities that give privilege to men over women. There is a mounting recognition in Tanzania of gender discrimination and gender equity in different facets of life. This awakening includes a growing acknowledgement of how prevalent gender-based violence has been and the extent to which it harms not only women and girls but also men and boys and, furthermore, the country’s developing economy and health and social welfare systems

KINNAPA Development Programme though its Gender, Women and Children Affairs Unit has been implementing a number of projects to combat GBV in Kiteto District. KINNAPA has been doing this with cooperation from District Commissioner’s Office and Kiteto District Council as well as the communities.

Gender Based Violence continues to be a major human rights issue around the world women, girls, and children in many societies has been marginalized in all aspects of life even the denial of right to education due to that gender-based violence has become a major problem such as early marriages teenager pregnancies and FGM. Statistics shows that 35% of women worldwide have experienced either physical or sexual violence.

Gender-based violence is widespread in Kiteto Communities at all socio-economic levels. There is overwhelming evidence that women and girls are more affected than men and boys. Violence against women and girls is still regarded by many community members especially pastoral societies as a way of life.