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The organization was created in the early 1990s by individuals from six villages to address land encroachment issues affecting pastoralists and peasants in the Kiteto district. KINNAPA Development Programme was officially registered in January 1992 under the Societies Ordinance of 1954. In 2006, the organization obtained a "Certificate of Compliance" under the new NGO Act of 2002.

The name KINNAPA is a testament to the power of unity and solidarity. It's an abbreviation of the six founding villages - Kibaya, Kimana, Njoro, Ndaleta, Namelock, and Partimbo - that came together to protect their land rights and improve their standards of living. The story behind KINNAPA's founding is fascinating, and it's inspiring to learn about the collective effort that went into securing village title deeds.

The name "KINNAPA" not only reflects the abbreviation of the six villages but also embodies the values of cooperation and mutual support that are at the heart of the organization. The Maa phrase "we help each other" is a powerful reminder of the importance of community and collaboration in achieving common goals.

Obtaining village title deeds was a significant milestone for the founding villages, highlighting the crucial role that securing land rights plays in improving people's lives. This achievement is a testament to the strength and resilience of the communities that came together under KINNAPA's umbrella.

Overall, KINNAPA's story is an inspiration, showcasing how communities can come together to achieve common goals and improve their living standards through collective effort and solidarity.

Our Mission

To contribute to improvement of the quality of life for pastoralists, hunter-gatherers and small scale agriculturalists in Kiteto District, while ensuring community participation in development projects, gender balance, accountability, Tanzania’s national interests and sustainable resource management.

Our Vision

Quality standards of life for Pastoralists, Small-scale Farmers and Hunter-Gatherers in Kiteto.

Target Groups

Pastoralists, Small-scale Farmers and Hunter-Gatherers

Our Leadership

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Sekemi Sakana


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Abraham Akilimali

General Secretary

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Yohana Lematwa

Board Member

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Anna Issaya

Board Member

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Athuman Msimbazi

Board Member

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Ibrahim Mario

Board Member

Our Believe

Empowering underprivileged communities to shine. We believe everyone deserves equal opportunities. Our mission is to provide access to resources and support, unlocking potential and breaking down barriers. By doing so, we're building a brighter future for all."

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