Kiteto District has 65 villages and 21 wards. There only 22 dispensaries, 2 Health Centers and 1 District Hospital in the District. Out of the 22 dispensaries, 2 are in Kibaya town. About 43 Villages have no dispensaries or are in the process to construct one in the village. Generally, health services are inadequate in Kiteto District henceforth; Community members face problems in accessing medical services. According to District Health Report of 2014, only 39% of pregnant women attended health facility delivery. About 61% of pregnant women had home delivery due to such factors as lack of health facilities inthe villages, inability to afford travel costs and traditional beliefs.


Spread is high especially in urban areas. KINNAPA played a significant role to create awareness of Communities on the epidemic;

KINNAPA conducted village public compaigns in Kiteto and Simanjiro districts to create awareness on HIV/AIDS mobilize voluntary testing and counseling, and influence behavior change so as to minimize spread of the disease, KAPB of Communities increased and many community members knew their health status through VCT.

KINNAPA supported 9 groups of People living with HIV/AIDS and built their economic strength through IGAs trainings and seed money. This enabled them to manage their health status and reduce dependency.

KINNAPA collaborated with AFICARE – KAYA project and Engender Health to orient community leaders, Traditional Birth Attendants and Home Based Care Providers on knowledge of preventing HIV Transmission from Mother to Child.