KINNAPA is equal Opportunity Organization that promotes gender equality and equity for its Staff, Members and Beneficiaries. Through its operations KINNAPA conducts gender equality and equity in public campaigns to create gender awareness and promote gender mainstreaming in development activities.


KINNAPA organized 53 women groups and provided them with capital to boost their economic activities. Most of these groups were provided with Income Generating activities skills and seed money. Six (6) groups were provided with milling machines while others ranged from livestock (steers and goats) fattening, poultry, managing restaurants to tailoring mats. Through these interventions, women have been able overcome dependency and income related poverty.


Trainings and campaigns have been done to promote women rights of participation in decision making processes at household and community level and in development process, occupy leadership positions and attain quality education.

These are evident changes of attitude towards women empowerment among the pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities. There is improved women representation in decision making organs in villages while some of the villages and streets are led by women. Also, there is increased enrollment rate of girl children in schools.